Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm in love

Its doing all the wonderful things that they said would happen in books and movies!
Its also as tangible as the air around us
It kills me to know that being in love with someone comes with its costs.
it comes with the fact that everything I'm feeling is because of her
including the guilt, the pain of 10 hours, and loyalty which stands on such a solid ground as the deck of the titanic.
Being in love is the hardest thing to feel right now

If love was what they said it would be
Then you'd be here with me now

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Years Later

Hey folks, its been awhile. Sorry i've missed you and all that sort of thing
anyway, i've been doing a bit of writing lately, mostly on gear and recording

Society today has a lack of humility

But i dont think anyone will listen to that because really you cant change an overwhelming ideology our environment has bloomed by proclaiming something that may or may not be obvious.
its like saying "no! hunny! it wasn't me" yah sure

But take a pause during your day whether you're working in a busy mall, a crowded street or a helpless help centre- take a pause and look around, around at everyone  trying to break way, and make way for their own well being. The idea that someone takes a step back to let another through the door is gone; With the wind,

Of course the biggest argument would be, as greenday would so popularly say "Nice guys finish last." however something that gets overlooked and lost when we don't learn modesty and respect is our mental well being.

And this isn't something that's been slowly occurring over the last 40 years. In fact, even in my little blip of existence, i can see the high strung narcissism that has been infused as "proper behavior" so heavily into our era of people. And I'm 24.

 A person's happiness is directly affected with this behavior as well. If we have a mindset of "success for me, sucks for you" a strict lifestyle of beating out the other man has to be put in order. How do we know that happiness though is affected by our lack of humility?

Lets take a look at the prescription rates of anti-depressants as an example. I'm going to quote some stuff here that'll open your mind.
"In the United Kingdom, the use of antidepressants increased by 234% in the 10 years"
In the US, over 33,000,000 prescriptions of Zoloft were prescribed in 2010, compared to 3m just 15 years before.

So okay, cool, throw me on some meds and i can keep living an intense life, no big deal right? I guess, if you're comfortable going through life with a dependance on a drug (and all its brilliant side effects) rather than a lifestyle change. However you can't change the inherent inevitability of being able to sleep with yourself at night.

Again, im a horrible argumentalist, however i write these words out of slight desperation and observation of where us, people are headed. Our worlds important, and i think you should stop to take a look at it, and ask if it's okay, before concerning yourself if you should run this yellow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


&&&I'm voting green.(HAHAHA SURPRISED?)
no not really, i know

its been awhile i see. thats alright though, i'm sure you haven't missed me all too much.
im diggin' THIS TUNE

so hard right now.
well, lets see, chicago was great. lived there for about 3 months. was going to live there for another 3, unfortunately customs problems ensued and they wouldn't let me in on a business visa anymore.


it really hurt, as i was just starting to get situated and settled down with the recording company and the people of chi-town.

there's so much happening there with the scene.

mostly bummed too because i thought i met someone worthwhile.

never thought i'd have troubles like these.

WELL i'll quite breaking, on to what's been going on! i've gotten another internship down in windsor ontario, and i'm now looking at places to rent in london(ONT) with my good friend evan and pals justis and phuong. SO STOKED. i haven't been submerged in this much music in a long while, and it'll be a refreshing start into a new era of creativity.

im going to the sault today to maybe buy a bike. i want one too badly. My Health wants one too badly. that reminds me, i need a job.
oh SHH, silly brain.

as always, questions/comments
much luv.

Monday, December 6, 2010


my best friend just posted
and i forgot i should as well
its late and i'm pretty tired, so i'll just give a quicky.
1) i found an internship in Chicago
2) i'm moving there this week
3) Still Single
4) Still Singlemothers
5) I will post often and soon, again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summing up the summer

Well, in short, i bought a car, went to a music festival with a bunch of my friends (made some new ones on the way!), worked my ass off for the city of elliot lake, made about half as much money as i was hoping, and am now looking for an internship. so if you know of one...!

Music hasn't been as prevalent lately.
oh sure, i've come accross some sweet bands like Gaslight Anthem, Malajube, Japandroids, however my own productions are suffering. i haven't put in as much time in as i would have liked this summer. thats about to change though!
i hope

I came accross 2 old-ass traynor PA speaks, they're sick.
anyway, thats up and all for now. comment, question, etc.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


essentially, what you see is what you get. i recorded a lovely 3 song EP with my good friends, brandon, justis and evan. i spoke about the later of the three in a previous blog. anyway, this stuff is a little more rocky-er. its hot shit for sure.
anyway, we're setting up a myspace and stuff, so that'll be rolling within a week or tew.

we went for pancakes on thursday.
i'll expand as i'll rember