Wednesday, April 28, 2010


essentially, what you see is what you get. i recorded a lovely 3 song EP with my good friends, brandon, justis and evan. i spoke about the later of the three in a previous blog. anyway, this stuff is a little more rocky-er. its hot shit for sure.
anyway, we're setting up a myspace and stuff, so that'll be rolling within a week or tew.

we went for pancakes on thursday.
i'll expand as i'll rember

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love, drunk, found.

UGH! i'm late.
i wrote something this week though, making my faults now free!

If i open the window, to let but a bit of light in.
the shadows of the room would appear, and the colours sudden, show vibrant.

if I loose my speech, its because I found your glory.

if I loose my mind, its because I am mad.

well, the past week was FUN!
not only did i find 2 awesome albums
but as well- some really cool vocal tracks!
North American Animals are releasing their debut self titled EP in a few weeks. i can say that now because we have enough tracked that no matter what happens, something of quality can be released. this album is sounding MINT. and that is a word i rarely use.

we were supposed to go to MOTOWN but that turned out to be a fail... leaving a good 20 high and dry. but we've been assured that we'll be going this week! so there's something to look forward to!

The weekend came with enjoyment... I went on my first date, ever. wow right? i tend to over analyze things, but i like to think it went okay! The girl was really nice, liberal, fun and exciting...BUT i mean, the spark was just... to be had?
its too bad, because she's really awesome.

also went to Call The Office for a lovely RETRO night. which was swell! i wore plaid. no headband though

so, FUN ALBUMS that i talked about above!
well, i'm a big Minus The Bear fan, and was SUPER psyched to hear their new album! it's out, not really, but yeah, really...right here!

REFUSED as well, which was the maturing point of punk, and what is to come of it..
its more education, but still very enjoyable

well, for this week! signing off, i'll comment and expand on more things when you leave comments:)


Monday, April 12, 2010


so has this week been crazy or what?!
well, yes.
so i've found i get stupidly poetic when i drink large amounts of red wine mixed with splashes of beer and other toxins.
please liver, keep up with my stupidity.
here's some quotes i never knew i had in me!

" you seem to be ready and for anything that comes your way. but what i'd like to know, besides what you want, is what you're looking for
besides competition
moreso, a companion. i think.
or should i stop?

ok, what?

"i believe what you hold is something moreso outside of what you'd find next to you in your average biology class.


anyway! the bulk of the week was taken up mostly by anticipation for the weekend to arrive, so lets just skip to that.
friday, my mother arrived, bringing a vehicle, and good times.
we went and saw "how to train a dragon" or something like that. it was GREAT! the 3d was cool, but i'm not much for it, never mind having to pay extra for it..
Saturday brought a band to life. i was fortunate enough to set up microphones for a really great bunch of tweens that rocked the majority of my face off. it's still laying somewhere in the studio.
i'm not going to add any promo links or what have you, right now. next week i'll link up some music and so on:)

sunday brought a bike ride, beers and trees. there may or may not be any footage of said events. my buddy evan and myself rode all over london, seeing the sites and tasting the fresh spring air. god i love summer.
we spoke of futures and dreams. but nothing beyond a highschool councilor meeting.
well, don't be shy to comment! any questions or answers are always appreciated.

peace and love!

so here's a video because i felt bad for not posting one on monday!!(today is thursday)
its my favorite riff/tune of all time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WEEK numero duzuoze

hey guys! only down one week, and here i am, behind! anyway, its been a pretty crazy week.
again don't be shy to click the hotlinks. its taken me a while to figure out some EFFICIENCY doing it...
Projects are lining up and due dates are approaching FAST- as is life occurring. Tomorrow i'm starting a surround sound mix of a song myself and Evan Redsky have completed. it's called "Drying Up The Shores"- worth the checkout, as well as his OTHA TOOns
But nevermind the future! let's talk some past.

I traveled to Toronto last weekend for Easter and visitations. My sister has recently got engaged! so it was exciting to meet the man of her life and some new family. we attended church and got my jesus on. must have been at least 5 years since i've last been to a service, disregarding the anomalous, and what i assume is a regular communal worship, it left nothing other than cheap wine and some sort of dry, cracker bread.
...which i passed up.

cool things i noticed:
SICK CHURCH! very modern and new- wood, glass, flooring, PA system- however all built subtly like a church should be- to be old. sister(mine, not 'A') said how she sorta wanted to get married in a church, instead of Hawaii.
woe is me.
Also though, the minister was talllllllllzo, and there was only one hot choir girl.
after church, brunch and handshakes- my sister was presented with a very
LOVELY engagement gift (CHECK UNDER"PRETTY LADIES")...the exact one isn't on the site- making that much more precious.
Sunday evening also brought the enjoyment of seeing Jason Haist rapping! if you are in the toronto area on a sunday night, i encourage you to check out the "Hot Box Cafe" near the top of kensington market in toronto.

LAST but not least, the rides both to and from toronto were accompanied very fortunately by my friend and excellent musician JACOB HRAJNIK Click to view his site!!!! AND DO VIEW IT.
we talked about futures on cruse boats and the recent news on the Large Hadron Collider. any questions on it, i HIGHLY recommend you take a peak at this here video.

disregard the stupid title.

Finally, things to come!
i'm still full feet forward on San Diego, as is my good friend Drew Hutchinson, who by the way is a FANTASTIC film student of VFS, so as more excitement for that occurs, i'll be sure to post post post!
anyway, that's all for this week, any questions, comment boxes are provided below for your involvement
goodnight, anddddd
peace and love!