Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summing up the summer

Well, in short, i bought a car, went to a music festival with a bunch of my friends (made some new ones on the way!), worked my ass off for the city of elliot lake, made about half as much money as i was hoping, and am now looking for an internship. so if you know of one...!

Music hasn't been as prevalent lately.
oh sure, i've come accross some sweet bands like Gaslight Anthem, Malajube, Japandroids, however my own productions are suffering. i haven't put in as much time in as i would have liked this summer. thats about to change though!
i hope

I came accross 2 old-ass traynor PA speaks, they're sick.
anyway, thats up and all for now. comment, question, etc.


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