Tuesday, April 19, 2011


&&&I'm voting green.(HAHAHA SURPRISED?)
no not really, i know

its been awhile i see. thats alright though, i'm sure you haven't missed me all too much.
im diggin' THIS TUNE

so hard right now.
well, lets see, chicago was great. lived there for about 3 months. was going to live there for another 3, unfortunately customs problems ensued and they wouldn't let me in on a business visa anymore.


it really hurt, as i was just starting to get situated and settled down with the recording company and the people of chi-town.

there's so much happening there with the scene.

mostly bummed too because i thought i met someone worthwhile.

never thought i'd have troubles like these.

WELL i'll quite breaking, on to what's been going on! i've gotten another internship down in windsor ontario, and i'm now looking at places to rent in london(ONT) with my good friend evan and pals justis and phuong. SO STOKED. i haven't been submerged in this much music in a long while, and it'll be a refreshing start into a new era of creativity.

im going to the sault today to maybe buy a bike. i want one too badly. My Health wants one too badly. that reminds me, i need a job.
oh SHH, silly brain.

as always, questions/comments
much luv.

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